Developing The Katie Ireland Brand

Blog Update

Welcome to the first Katie Ireland Designs blog post by me, Katie Ireland. (Yes, that is my real name... Handy, isn't it? Though probably confusing if I hadn't been born in Northern Ireland.) 

Over the past couple of weeks I have been rebranding a little bit to bring Katie Ireland Designs from uni side hustle to full-time business. I'm working on encompassing all of my areas of interest and work into the "Katie Ireland" brand and develop a range of illustrations, prints, textiles and more that fits with my brand aesthetic and more importantly is something I love to create and that people want to buy into (literally and figuratively). 

I have a new logo and website with a store (which is a great improvement from my previous one which was a combination of 2 websites and an ETSY store! (Though I'm not abandoning ETSY - I love the community and range of other artists, designers and makers on ETSY and will continue to list alongside them. 

The plus side means that you can now shop directly from me on Facebook and hopefully Instagram soon if it gets approved! So fingers crossed. Plus you can now get email updates from me if you subscribe on my website and you can enjoy my blogs once I get the hang of posting these. 

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